Royal PSH

2020 GOV ?

Foaled 3.?.20


Royal Tourmalet SPF

Royal Prince I Armin I Futuro


Diadora VT

Der Dollar I Domingo I Noble Dancer

Bred by

Wanja Gerlach

Capitol Warmbloods


Owned by

Wanja Gerlach, VA

For link to five generation pedigree, click HERE.

Royal Tourmalet SPF - "Artie" was foaled on 17 April 2011 in Riverhead, New York. Joanna met him on Day 1 and with much excitement and promise, he joined the family on February 7th, 2012.


Artie began his competitive life by earning the coveted distinction of Top Foal at his 2011 AHS Inspection and then competed successfully in Breed Shows as a yearling, two-year old and three-year old. His balanced confirmation and incredible temperament have earned him high praise from judges and spectators alike.


"Artie" began his official Dressage career in 2015, earning wonderful scores and comments, many Championships and a growing Fan Club! With his phenomenal temperament and work ethic, Artie is a joy to ride every single day!


It is with the same excitement and promise felt when he became mine that I now offer him to you. Royal Tourmalet SPF is officially at stud and I can barely wait to see "Little Arties" on the ground!

Following are some of his Awards and Championships!


Joanna Gray-Randle

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