Royal Tourmalet SPF - "Artie"

2011 FEI Hanoverian Stallion


GOV • Lifetime Approval

ISR/Old NA • Lifetime Approval

WNA • Lifetime Approval

ARS • Lifetime Approval

KWPN - NA • Affiliate Stallion

May be activated CWHBA and AWSSR


Royal Prince I Armin I Futuro I Wurf

Bred by: Gina Leslie, Sandpiper Farms

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Foaled: April 17, 2011

Mahogany Bay, 16.2hh

Registration #: 039789111



EVA Negative

CEM Negative

Homozygous for Black Factor/Homozygous for Agouti


Royal Tourmalet SPF (“Artie”) is the perfect example of balanced conformation and power needed in Sport Horse Breeding; and, with his correct gaits and phenomenal temperament, you will produce performance horses suited for both professionals and amateurs. 


Royal Tourmalet SPF is a stunning stallion, showing great presence and expression with a beautiful soft eye. He sports a brilliant mahogany bay coat with a bronze metallic sheen; and has four white socks and a blaze. Royal Tourmalet SPF’s fluid walk, expressive trot, and enormous uphill canter are a pleasure to ride; and he is able to extend and collect with ease. Artie is producing lovely leggy foals with uphill builds, strong toplines, powerful hind ends, pure gaits and wonderful temperaments.


Artie is naturally balanced, both mentally and physically, and has already experienced much success in the competition arena. In 2015, he was awarded the much-coveted Dr. Robert Miller Memorial Perpetual Trophy as the Highest Scoring American Bred Stallion at the prestigious Dressage at Devon Breed Show. Royal Tourmalet SPF has also earned many National, Zone, Regional and Local Year-End Awards; and was named Top Foal at his 2011 AHS Inspection.


Judges commented frequently on “the good use of his topline with elasticity and swing” in the walk; his “good energy, suspension, cadence and ground cover” in the trot; his “modern type and attractive uphill build”; his “good shoulder and saddle position”; his “strong loin and good bone”; and his “well set neck and well angled hind leg”. Perhaps, though, a highlight was the General Impression score and comment from the incomparable Lisolette Fore. Judge Fore awarded Artie with 8.3 and commented “Good character. Very calm, but still with good energy”. That completely sums up this wonderful stallion. When winning the Dr. Robert Miller Memorial Perpetual Trophy in 2015, top Breed Show Judge, Kristi Wysocki’s General Impression comment says it all, “Good Breeding Type”.

Royal Tourmalet SPF’s career highlights include:



USEF National Grand Champion Fourth Level Open; 2020 USEF Zone Champion Fourth Level Open; 2020 Fourth Level Open Dressage Scores of 71%+.



Grand Champion Stallion GAIG/USDF Breeders Championship Series – East Coast Final.



Winner of The Dr. Robert Miller Memorial Perpetual Trophy as the Highest Scoring American Bred Stallion at Dressage at Devon; 2015 Dressage at Devon Born in the USA Champion Stallion; 2015 USEF Zone Champion Open Training Level Dressage; 2015 USEF Zone Champion Materiale; 2015 USEF Reserve National Grand Champion Training Level Dressage; 2015 NEDA Year End Champion Materiale; and, in competition year 2015, Royal Tourmalet SPF earned scores above 80% in Dressage Sport Horse Breeding, Materiale, and Open Training Level Dressage; and, earned Qualifying scores for the USEF National Young Horse Dressage Championships.



Dressage at Devon Born in the USA Champion Materiale, 3 YO Stallions; 2014 USEF National Grand Champion Materiale; 2014 USEF Reserve National Grand Champion DSHB; 2014 USEF Zone Championships in both Materiale and DSHB.

Bloodlines • Beauty • Temperament • Proven Performance Record

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Stud Fee: $1,100

Booking Fee: $400


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